Plastic verses Organic verses Pesticides

The topics for this blog are mixed up around  – Plastic reduction verses  Organic vegetables.

This subject has been bugging me for a while now.  Being a gluten free vegan, I virtually live on vegetables.

There are only two available  formulas at the moment

1 -Supermarkets supply Organic veg BUT it is wrapped in Plastic BOO


2 -Independent farm/veg  shops supply beautiful loose veg with no plastic but they are NOT  Organic.MESSED-UP


I want to support local organic growers and independent shops but they don’t supply organic veg.  There is always a superb array of plastic free  vegetables on display and none of it is organic, therefore all of it is covered in pesticides.


So I am forced to go to the supermarket to buy my organic and I have to live with the plastic wrappers.

I am between a rock and a hard place.  I want to put my money in to the Organic farmers, I want them to succeed in the market place, but at the moment I can only do this in the supermarket.

I spoke to our new veg shop on the high street and he said that a lot of organic is seasonal and therefore when they are in season, there is a glut and no one buys because they grow their own.  I understand that, but I don’t grow anything myself, so I will always be a customer.

I wonder how long it will take before Independent farm/veg shops catch on and start to sell Organic?

I hear you all saying “Why don’t you order an organic veg box”?  I asked around but the so called “local” deliveries are not very local.  This is the best solution I can find, so I will have to go with that for now.


Any suggestions, gratefully accepted.





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