Why do I re-use my one-use wet ones?

Update here 19.10.2019. wow, it seems nearly a year ago since I posted this blog about my re-use of wet ones and I am still doing the same thing. I rarely have to buy new wet ones as they last so long.  See the video I made  two years ago.  Just imagine how many wet ones I have not put in land fill in this time.  Go Me!

Update here- 25.11.2018  I just came across this link in FB, same message as mine. https://www.facebook.com/361903630674786/posts/913268808871596/

What do you do to save the planet? Please tell me in the comments below.

I am passionate about saving the planet.  I know that’s a cliché but I try everyday in many ways to reduce my damage to the planet.  My hubby is always asking, “what are we using as shampoo now?”  he never knows which bar, in the soap dish, is shampoo, conditioner or soap.  It’s a small “first world problem”  in the face of impending catastrophe.  So I keep reducing my own planet foot print as much as I can.

Plastic reduction and ways to reduce carbon foot print. Every little helps.

  • Go Vegan – First and most important.  Factory farming is most dangerous to the environment and the poor animals.
  • Bio Laundry refills  –  I have refill bottles that I’ve been refilling for years.
  • Lush shampoo/conditioner –  no plastic, no wrappings.
  • 5 Ltr bicarb/vinegar  – cleaning products in large 5 ltr containers to use for household cleaning.
  • Wash/reuse wet ones – washing and re-using wet ones. (only the face ones)  see video below.
  • Shopping bags – carry own bags, everyone does this now.
  • Doorstep orange juice bottles – refill bottles every week.
  • Degradable bin bags – household and office bins.
  • Glass Bottles not plastic bottles – go for the glass in the supermarket.
  • Loose veg – local shops, avoid supermarkets.
  • Lush teeth tablets – tiny tablets, no plastic.
  • Who gives a crap loo roll – no plastic loo roll delivered to home and office Plastic free loo roll
  • Reduce makeup use – cutting down on products and buying animal friendly and plastic reduction. I gave up using mascara.
  • Lush lotion – tiny recycle-able bottle of lotion instead of large un recycle-able bottle.
  • Lush Deodorant – in form or a bar, no plastic.
  • Not using bedhead – reduce hair products, not everyday.
  • All the standard, paper, cardboard, tin, glass and plastic recycling.
  • food waste recycling
  • recycling coffee grains onto the garden.
  • Smol Dish washer tablets – Smol Dishwasher tablets
  • My Potatoes get delivered in a hessian bag which I had to pay £2 for and is refilled each time.

Going shopping is such a pain, I’m constantly trying to avoid plastic.  We decide with our consumption which businesses survive or go out of business.  Everyone remembers what happened to Nokia phones, everyone stopped buying them.  Stop buying and there will be no market for these products.


I made a short video of how I was and re-use my wet ones.  I know it is geeky but I hope I am not alone in my quest to save the planet.



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