Togetherness & Pair Bonding

I think these photos tell a story of these two little Welsh Mountain, Section A ponies.  When we got Boris, I was urgently looking for a companion for him.  I was thrilled when a local lady approached me and asked if I was looking for another pony.  So Charlie joined us and he is perfect.  He’s a veteran 30 yr old pony but he’s full of beans and quite similar  in colour to Boris.

So now they are very bonded which 99% of the time is wonderful to see, but it does have it’s down side.  Boris has developed a dependency on Charlie and now he refuses to leave him to go out alone.  So as I am quite inexperienced I’m not sure how we are going to get around this hurdle.  I’m sure we will find a way.  There is nearly always something that needs to be sorted when one has ponies.  But I hang on the fact they Boris and Charlie a good buddies and get to share their lives together.

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