Englishness Discomfort

Someone referred to  me today as  English  and for the first time in my life, I  immediately felt uncomfortable.  Then I was wondering why I felt that way? I have always thought of myself as British, from Great Britain, which is the Union of three nations and Northern Ireland.  My sense of self is a mixture of all these nations.  My grandparents are  Welsh and my family live all over the British Isles.

But further to that feeling I am European.  I remember being so excited by all the opportunities that membership of the EU would bring us.  We have enjoyed free movement in Europe all these years.   We’ve enjoyed free health care in Europe when we go on holidays.  We enjoy all the food we get from the EU. We enjoy the company of all the many Europeans working here and bringing all their culture and work ethic.  I feel all this is part of my own sense of self.

So today when someone referred to me as English I suddenly felt the pain of the idea of Brexit and small that made me feel. It feels like we are shrinking into an ever reducing space, populated by bitter people who only care if you are part of their small gang/cult. It feels like we are withdrawing into what can only lead to regionalism, Tribalism and cultism.

I get so annoyed by Trump supporting Brexit, when we know what he would have to say if one of the American States wanted to secede from the USA. I can’t understand why anyone thinks we will be stronger alone as the saying is always “Stronger Together”.

Sadly now in these Brexit times we cannot say we are patriotic without inferring that we support Brexit.  Flying the Union flag is now a sign of Brexit support and if we fly the European Flag we are said to be NOT  supporting our “own” country.  I can’t stand all this narrow minded thinking.  I am patriotic, I do love my country and I also love Europe and all the amazing European countries and people.  I love calling myself a European, this does not change my Englishness or Britishness.  I fear that we will lose so much when/if we leave Europe.

These are troubling times and it is built of a bunch of lies that were spread about in the 2016 referendum.  We broke Democracy because we took a complicated decision to the people, when we are a Parliamentary Democracy not a Direct Democracy.  We elect our representatives who vote on our behalf in parliament. A member if parliament can’t go against their own ethic if they don’t believe in Brexit.

Now what will happen if we have a General Election?  For example, is the Brexit party a left wing or right wing party?  What are their policies are apart from leaving Europe?  It doesn’t take much analysis to see that they are mostly right wing in the Brexit Party. Who will benefit from Brexit? The Hedge-funds? Like turkeys voting for Christmas the areas that voted for Brexit will suffer the most when we Brexit.

Now the Liberal Democrats have made a clear message that they will Revoke Article 50 and No More Brexit.  I will definitely be voting for them, if we get a chance before October 31st.

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