New Choc cake recipe-Gluten Free, Egg Free, Sugar Free, Vegan AND Low Plastic!


First fail is that I didn’t take a photo. soz. IMG_2E63068C0A48-1it didn’t look anything like this.

For context, I never use recipes.

I am Gluten Free, Vegan, sugar free, egg free, ergo, cakes have been a bore.

But just lately I have been working on a new cake recipe and I did it with a slightly difference twist today.  I was going to say that I’ve been “over egging the pudding” but since I’m egg free, I need to say, I’ve been trying too hard with over loading on ingredients.  Although previous attempts have been delicious, this time I want to use minimum ingredients,  a long the lines of a traditional Victoria sponge, but clearly with no conventional ingredients.

I decided I wanted it to be very light and fluffy.  So this was the remit.

Here goes:-

8oz  Organic Vegan Block margarine – new brand that comes in paper wrapper so NO PLASTICOrganic Vegan Block  hey they’re even on Instagram Vegan Block on Instagram


8oz pitted dates (can I say sugar free if it has dates?, obviously the dates are sweet, but I think they are slow sugar with low GI – I researched on the internet for 4 seconds out of the corner of my eye, and it looks like they are, but don’t take my word for it)

For egg replacement – I large tin of chick peas liquid drained -> Aquafaba [find out more on wiki]

8oz Gluten Free SR Flour

3oz Dark Chocolate Powder

I put the marge, and dates in blender and bring to smooth paste and then add the chick pea water AKA Aquafaba until smooth.   Add the flour and blend for as brief a time as possible.  Turn into a tin with grease proof paper and sprinkle of flour to stop it sticking.

Bake on about 180C for 20/25 minutes or until knife comes out clean.

Cool and then sprinkle lightly with icing sugar.

I was really surprised that the cake came out, light and fluffy and sweet and delicious.  It did not fall apart and everyone loved it.  Job done!

Next time I will take a photo.

Thank you for reading, following, liking, commenting and sharing the love and the cake.

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