Are Our Journeys Really Necessary?

On a recent road trip to the Lake District from Gloucestershire made me wonder if we should be taking so many road trips.


Our journey was for a family funeral and we rarely go as far as the Lakes, but even so I was questioning our contribution to carbon emissions. The M6 had every lane stacked with traffic. It’s like this 24/7/365 and it’s only when I’m on the road that I think about it.  It’s global and it’s non stop.  We have to make a change. I captured the miles upon miles of traffic on the M6, I wasn’t driving and it’s speeded up! 



Today in Bristol they are putting restrictions on Diesel Vans in the city centre. Bristol Ban Diesel in City Centre      It seems we only adjust our behaviour if we have rules imposed on us. It’s hard not to feel guilty all the time about everything, because there is so much waste and pollution. 

I will try to cut down on my road trips, and I’m quite happy not to fly,  I’ve never liked flying, but I was so thrilled when my friend from Mississippi flew over, so I’m conflicted about all these adjustments we are making. But if we are to look our grand kids in eye we have to make changes. I wish I had the courage of the Extinction Rebellion folk to put my words into action but I must fit my efforts into my life as much as I can.  It is part of the zeitgeist now to question and try to make changes.  For  my ever growing list of my environmental efforts see one of my previous blogs.

On the upside there was some good news today from Tesco.

Today  Tesco Supermarket Removes Plastic , they announced that they will be removing plastic from  their own brands. I was excited to find Tesco’s own Brand Tea bags #PlasticFree, #Decaf and #Organic! Perfect. Never thought I’d say it but – GREAT JOB TESCO.

Little Victories I guess. 

Tesco Organic Decaf reduced Plastic Tea Bags

3 thoughts on “Are Our Journeys Really Necessary?

    1. oops sorry I missed your comment. I also like the train but out here it’s a bit sparce for trains. I guess if we each reduced our journeys it would make a big difference.


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