Why are we throwing away our current EU membership ?

I wanted to share this tweet because it sums up the reasons why we have an existing excellent deal with the EU and we are about to throw it all away.  I want to thank @Adam_sh69 for putting it so clearly. That’s what I love about Twitter.

Even though all hope is now gone, since Boris Johnson is elected, we will crash out in January 2020, I still find it hard to believe that this stupidity is happening. It’s hard to swallow that the so called “majority” made this choice.  We need to overhaul our voting system to Proportional Representation

Our EU membership costs £29/person/year for the

best deal amongst 27 nations

& the highest rebate in the EU.

No Schengen.

No euro.

Full input.

Full veto rights.

759 trade treaties.

The freedom to travel, work, retire.

All thrown away due to ignorance, xenophobia and fraud @Adam_Sh69

I have another tweet that sums up the need for Proportional Representation from @Electoralreform #MakeSeatsMatchVotes

Lord Adonis asks “how long do you think it will be before we rejoin the European Union? What a tragic question?  What a complete waste of time this entire Brexit mess is.  One day this whole history will be played out like a Greek Tragedy.

All thrown away due to ignorance, xenophobia and fraud


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