The empty M5 Motorway

M5 Motorway Gloucestershire

Wednesday 22nd April 2020- An update to this post I wrote 6 months ago. See Here  Our lives have changed unrecognisably since Covid-19 and lock down in Uk.

M5 Motorway Gloucestershire
A wonderful view of an empty motorway

I was struck by this photo I took of the motorway this week which was absolutely empty. I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.  It is such a contrast to the theme of my earlier web post about our unnecessary journeys. Now during lockdown we are told to only venture out to go to the shops for food, or medicines or essential work.

How many times have we thought about popping out for ice cream or bread and now we have to think before we do these journeys.  I sincerely hope that we will continue in the future to be more thoughtful and restrict our journeys to protect our fresh air and environment.

I realise it sparks anxiety about our economy but in contrast it gives us a unique opportunity to examine the  environmental impact of the reduction in emissions. I hope when this terrible pandemic is over there will be lessons we can learn about reducing our journeys.

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