April 1st 2021 Periscope has gone finally. Six years of fun on that live streaming app.  Now we are using the Happs App to multi stream to YouTube and Twitch.  I also go live each morning while I clean out the stable with the ponies on Tiktok  Then midday I’m live on Twitch playing my favourite game Adoptme on Roblox .  So plenty of places to find me, hope to see you somewhere new.  Have a great Easter. January 4th 2021 Gosh, I’m ashamed, look how long it is since I posted on here.  Welcome to my site and Happy New Year. So glad that we have 2020 behind us.  We have vaccines to look forward to so we can all get back to normal and we are out of the EU.  I am very sad that we are out of the EU and I wish it was not so, but now we can just hope that the UK does not fall apart as  result.  My area is currently on Tier 4 lockdown so hopefully we will be allowed out soon.  I keep thinking of places and people I want to see that I can’t visit because we can’t cross over into another Tier.  Is everyone following the rules? I only had one hair cut in 2020, that’s a record, now I have a bizarre covid hairstyle, that’s my excuse anyway.  In other news, in April the Periscope app that I have loved for the last 6 years (by the time it goes) is closing down.  Fortunately for us all there is a new app on the scene that is now home to our periscope pals.  you can find it here https://happs.tv/invite/@GinGin I hope you will download the Happs app and join me over there.  I hope you have a better year this year. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ April 2nd 2020. Corona Virus Lock Down in UK

Hello good friends and visitors to my site.  It is three months since I posted an update on here.  What a shame the state of the world today.  I am in week three of Lock Down here in Gloucestershire.  I’m sorry that we have to go through this.  I miss my family and my friends.  My husband and I are fortunate to live in the country side and it is spring time so we are enjoying the best time of year at least.  But I am acutely aware that others are not so fortunate and they don’t have outside space.  Also the families with children who now are at home all the time, this is so difficult for them.  My heart goes out to them.  I just want to wish you all the best of luck while we go through this terrible time.

IMG_2452 IMG_2453 IMG_2454 December 7th 2019. I think this tweet by Professor Michael Dougan says it all.
“Johnson’s Tories are now in the UK branch of Hard Right Populists International”
 Post update Number 10 - 1.11.2019 We have a Brexit Flextension until 31st January 2019.  Oh boy, it goes on and on.  We have a December General Election which is a terrible time of year.  The Tory Party won’t do a deal with the Brexit Party so the BP are going to put up candidates for every constituency. The thought of a BP candidate being in government makes me feel sick. The only vote that will for sure keep us in the EU is for the Liberal Democrats who will Revoke Article 50. It is all such a pointless waste of time.  I am nearly at the point of not wanting to look at social media, but not quite! Post update Number 9 – 29.10.2019.

Today they agree there will be a winter General Election.  Not a People’s Vote to decide a clear way forward on Brexit.  Now everyone is going to be confused about who to vote for because they are not clear about their Brexit stance.  The only party who is clear is the Liberal Democrats who are pledging to Revoke Article 50.  I will be voting for them.

A horrible time of year for campaigners to be out on the door step, there is nothing about this GE that anyone wants.  I wish Jeremy Corbyn would move aside and let

Keir Starmer


be leader, then Labour would be in with a chance.  That’s not going to happen.  I hope they put the  amendment through to allow the 16 to 18 year olds to vote, they deserve a say.  We may never get another referendum regarding Brexit and leaving the EU will effect the youth longer than any of us.

Post update Number 8 – 19.10.2019.

With a back drop of a million people marching in London to demand a 2nd referendum, today Parliament voted on the Oliver Letwin clause to delay Brexit until it can be more thoroughly scrutinised. It has not even been given an economic evaluation yet. There are fears that there could still be a Crash Out later down the road of the transitional period. I feel sorry for the MPs as they are representatives and not delegates. They must vote with their own consciences. They represent both leavers and remainers so they are in a lose lose position. What a mess.  By far the best deal is for the Uk to remain in the EU with the existing deal and a seat at the table. The EU is not perfect but we have so much to gain by working on it and reforming it.  Now I fear that this deal is a green light to Scotland to push for their referendum and to leave the UK.  We are being broken down into smaller and smaller parts, it’s crazy.  I hope it does not happen.  We are waiting for Boris Johnson to deliver his letter to the EU to request an extension. No one trusts him to abide by the Benn Act and follow the law.  So much jeopardy.

IMG_0523.PNG Post update Number 7 – 15.09.2019. I’m on a roll at the moment, I’m enjoying the WordPress Site so much.  There are still things which really confuse me but I am figuring it out.  I think most of my questions could be solved by buying an upgrade but I’m not at that point yet.  Visit my blog page to see my latest posts. A visit to small homestead.
Post update Number 6 – 20.08.2019. I’m back, after a time of focussing on other stuff.  I’m finding my way around my website again and I’m enjoying it.  This was always meant as a learning zone for me to make a website and see how it all works.  So I am going to continue on that theme.  If you go to  my Blog page Boris’s first jumping session.I am updating it regularly now.  I have a fabby new Nikon camera so I am experimenting with that.  I’m still battling to get my Insta360ONE videos The Saul Junction to upload to you tube but now and again they work and you can view them on my YouTube and dotted about on my blog.  Always learning, thank you for dropping by. Post update Number 5 10.10.2018 Welcome to my website.  I hope you find it useful. Post Number 4
I know my home page is not a blog page, but I’m trying out this format to update how my website building experience is going.  I’ve discovered what a vibrant community the Word Press Bloggers have.  I never knew.  I’m excited about learning how to blog, but for now I am still testing it out.  It’s so easy to find new bloggers and to engage with them from here.  So far so good, I am happy with this whole experience. Post Number 3 The idea is that I bring together my business social media sites all in one place. My Business No1 -Johnny Mann Scenic Services Ltd
jmss logo
My Business No2 – Robocarv Ltd
My Sister’s Business – Fifi’s Fancy Furniture LLP
Post Number 2 – I am beginning to get my head around this website now. Slowly, but surely.  I’m finding, what I like and what I don’t like.  I’m finding the limitations of not signing up to a better plan, so I’m considering this.  I need to find out if this is a flash in the pan or if I continue to enjoy having this site, before I spend money…..
Post Number 1 – It’s not so easy making a site for the first time.  I have a lot to learn.  I hope you will bear with me while I mess around until I figure all this out.  Any top tips welcome in the comments below.  There’s lots of head scratching going on……

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  1. Hi Ginny, I am making a documentary which features Swinhay House owner, Sir David McMurtry. I saw the YouTube video you posted of your visit to Swinhay and would love to use an extract in the documentary. If you would be open to this, please get in touch. Many thanks, Conor.

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