Decluttering, Hydrating and Dopamine in whatever order…..

In the last few days I am pleased that I have made progress with my decluttering. I had energy and I used it well. I put adverts on Facebook market place and parted with redundant items, free to collect. Whoosh, they were gone in a flash. This spurred me on and I sold a couple … Continue reading Decluttering, Hydrating and Dopamine in whatever order…..

The empty M5 Motorway

M5 Motorway Gloucestershire

Wednesday 22nd April 2020- An update to this post I wrote 6 months ago. See Here  Our lives have changed unrecognisably since Covid-19 and lock down in Uk. I was struck by this photo I took of the motorway this week which was absolutely empty. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.  It … Continue reading The empty M5 Motorway


In this crazy lock down world we show our appreciation to our NHS by clapping on Thursday nights.  It is very moving to hear the clapping and a great way to show these key workers our gratitude. Now we find our NHS struggling to find enough PPE and critical care beds I wonder why we … Continue reading Our NHS

Why are we throwing away our current EU membership ? I wanted to share this tweet because it sums up the reasons why we have an existing excellent deal with the EU and we are about to throw it all away.  I want to thank @Adam_sh69 for putting it so clearly. That's what I love about Twitter. Even though all hope is now gone, … Continue reading Why are we throwing away our current EU membership ?

Drive to Thornbury to see Christmas Lights 2019.

Trying out my dash cam as I make my journeys through the country lanes of Gloucestershire.  You don't have to listen to me waffle on, - turn the sound down!  After my previous post - "Are Our Journeys Really Necessary, I feel bad that I am in the car so much.  Unfortunately it is a … Continue reading Drive to Thornbury to see Christmas Lights 2019.

Impeachment Hearing 2019

I urge you to listen to this C.Span broadcast of the House Judiciary Committee Debates on Articles of Impeachment. It is a 4 hour broadcast and it's worth listening to it all. It's a roller coaster of emotions. I have been emotional and angry in turns as I'm sure everyone is depending on your position. … Continue reading Impeachment Hearing 2019

Lanhydrock House,Bodmin, Cornwall

We really enjoyed out visit to Lanhydrock House owned by National Trust.  I would like to share my photos here. "The flush toilet....has 'civilised' us in a way that religion and law could  never accomplish" Thomas Lynch, Poet, 1948 The Kitchens. "The same family owned Lanhydrock for over 400 years. Find out about the people who … Continue reading Lanhydrock House,Bodmin, Cornwall