The empty M5 Motorway

M5 Motorway Gloucestershire

Wednesday 22nd April 2020- An update to this post I wrote 6 months ago. See Here  Our lives have changed unrecognisably since Covid-19 and lock down in Uk. I was struck by this photo I took of the motorway this week which was absolutely empty. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.  It … Continue reading The empty M5 Motorway

Why do I re-use my one-use wet ones?

Update here 19.10.2019. wow, it seems nearly a year ago since I posted this blog about my re-use of wet ones and I am still doing the same thing. I rarely have to buy new wet ones as they last so long.  See the video I made  two years ago.  Just imagine how many wet … Continue reading Why do I re-use my one-use wet ones?

Plastic verses Organic verses Pesticides

The topics for this blog are mixed up around  - Plastic reduction verses  Organic vegetables. This subject has been bugging me for a while now.  Being a gluten free vegan, I virtually live on vegetables. There are only two available  formulas at the moment 1 -Supermarkets supply Organic veg BUT it is wrapped in Plastic  … Continue reading Plastic verses Organic verses Pesticides