Drive to Thornbury to see Christmas Lights 2019.

Trying out my dash cam as I make my journeys through the country lanes of Gloucestershire.¬† You don't have to listen to me waffle on, - turn the sound down!¬† After my previous post - "Are Our Journeys Really Necessary, I feel bad that I am in the car so much.¬† Unfortunately it is a … Continue reading Drive to Thornbury to see Christmas Lights 2019.

Lanhydrock House,Bodmin, Cornwall

We really enjoyed out visit to Lanhydrock House owned by National Trust.  I would like to share my photos here. "The flush toilet....has 'civilised' us in a way that religion and law could  never accomplish" Thomas Lynch, Poet, 1948 The Kitchens. "The same family owned Lanhydrock for over 400 years. Find out about the people who … Continue reading Lanhydrock House,Bodmin, Cornwall

Nearly visited Hatfield House

We had to take a business trip to Hatfield House today, so I took a walk around the grounds of Hatfield House.   It is ¬£19 per person which is probably really good value for money to see inside the house but  I didn't have time to make that worth while.  So I strolled around the … Continue reading Nearly visited Hatfield House

The Hulks

The Hulks is the local name given to the Ship's Graveyard in Purton on the River Severn. The Ships were landed on the coastal edge to minimise erosion.¬† There is a list of all the names that were laid to rest there.¬† It is quite a sight to see all these huge hulks on the … Continue reading The Hulks

The Kymin

The Kymin is the first property to be bought by the¬†National Trust¬†in the 18th Century.¬† It was used as a dining room for the High Born to take a break from their hunting¬† and leisures in the wonderful grounds and woodlands around. A local lady would go there once a week to prepare their meal … Continue reading The Kymin

Standish Wood, Cotswolds Way

We enjoyed our first visit to Standish Wood.¬† This is a¬† ¬†National Trust¬†Wood with free car parking for members .¬† It was a scorching hot 28 degree Bank Holiday Monday.¬† It was very quiet¬† and cool under the trees. We were surprised how few people there were. I did a little capture with my Insta360ONE … Continue reading Standish Wood, Cotswolds Way

The Saul Junction

We enjoyed a pleasant Sunday at Saul Junction in Berkeley, Gloucestershire.¬† We ate a hearty breakfast at¬†The Stables Cafe.¬† There are boat rides on the canal available from here up to Gloucestershire¬† and down to Sharpness Docks. Such a beautiful part of the Cotswolds. I used my Insta360ONE camera to capture a clip in 360- … Continue reading The Saul Junction